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Don’t build your business alone.
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It can be lonely to start or run a business, but it doesn’t have to be. We connect you with experts in strategy, marketing, technology, finance and more for 1:1 or small-group business mentoring.

Get the help you need, when you need it, entirely free of charge.

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Business support that’s personalised for you, flexible and genuinely free

When you’re facing a challenge, reading articles or watching videos can only take you so far. Sometimes you just need to talk to someone who’s done it before.

Simply tell us what you’re struggling with and we’ll connect you with friendly and knowledgeable volunteers who love to help small businesses thrive.

You’ll never pay a penny for our services and here’s why: we’re owned by a charity, sponsored by corporate partners and all of our mentors are volunteers.

How it Works

About BT

At BT we believe that small businesses are the beating heart of our economy, high streets and communities. Through our Small Business Support Scheme we’re using our network, technology, scale and expertise to help small businesses boost their connectivity, cashflow and confidence –and get better positioned for the future.

Partnering with Digital Boost, BT is supporting new mentoring scheme for small businesses, to provide them with free access to its expertise across strategy, marketing, sales, and more.

Through Skills for Tomorrow, BT is helping 1 million small business owners and their employees to improve their digital skills by 2025. BT Skills for Tomorrow provides free webinars, online courses and mentoring to support small businesses to grow online. Support covers crucial topics, including how to prevent cyber-attacks and using social media to reach new customers. Find out more here.

Meet the Experts

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- BT
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- BT
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- British Telecommunications PLC
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- BT
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Our Impact

We’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs, charities, and small businesses to succeed so far.


volunteer mentors ready to help

“I cannot tell you how grateful we are to the many volunteer tutors and experts, who freely give their time and knowledge!”

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“I wanted simple, actionable things I could tweak. I have implemented those and had immediate results.”

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5,000 +

organisations supported

"That was the most valuable call I’ve had since we started the business. I have a new found spring in my step!”


“My mentor helped me to unravel issues that I had struggled with for almost 2 years.”



of our community identify as female

“I felt really lost and didn’t know which way to turn. [The mentor] has given me focus.”


"I really valued this power-packed hour. I have gained clarity on how to tackle the steep learning curve ahead!"



of our community is made up of Ethnic minority entrepreneurs

“I knew I needed that help and, goodness, did Digital Boost make all the difference.”

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“I wish I’d had this service when I started my business!”

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of mentoring requests are matched within 72 hours

"Can't recommend this service enough."