Using Instagram to make sales online

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Small businesses starting out on Instagram

What is this about?


Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms for people to discover new brands and products.

The positive, visual nature creates an ideal opportunity to promote your small business. Founders often ask us for help on how to use Instagram to increase their sales. We’ve collected the questions they ask most, and our favourite resources from our partners, volunteers, and other experts to answer them. You’ll also find great mentors and events for more support.

Instead of spending hours on Google and watching countless videos, make this your first port of call.

Digital Marketing Mentors

Get help and ideas for how you can reach, engage, and convert potential customers using ads, SEO, content, email, social media, and more. Talk 1:1 about your Digital Marketing challenges with volunteer Digital Marketing mentors - for free.

Kate Alexandra M.
- BT
Karolina M.
Senior Marketing Strategist - kmac digital
Gaurav V.
- Cranfield University
Anne-Sophie C.
Digital & Communication Specialist - Freelance
Vala M.
Marketing Director - Makepositive (member of Sabio Group)
Pelumi O.
- Umba

Success Stories

Hear from small businesses who have gotten help with their businesses from Digital Boost.

"Thank you for such a supportive, positive, informative session."


"Connor was professional and FULL of knowledge, can’t thank him enough for all his help!"


"I really valued this power-packed hour. I have gained clarity on how to tackle the steep learning curve ahead!"


"Chris is very knowledgable about marketing and digital marketing. A very informative session with lots of ideas to implement."


"Gurpreet explained things I was struggling to understand in a clear and simple way."


"Awesome and amazing."


"Loved this session, thanks Sturart! Total game changer and will make my life easier."