Meet our community of business mentors


We’re a community of small business mentors, all here volunteering our time and skills to support founders in need 🥰

We’re a friendly bunch! So we’d love to introduce you to some of the mentors in our community today so you can see who you’re volunteering alongside 😊

Ian D., Programme Manager @ BT

Meet Ian, one of the digital marketing and strategy mentors in our community! Ian splits his time between programme management at BT and supporting small businesses with their marketing here at Digital Boost 💪

Ian is known for his no-nonsense mentoring (which his mentees love!). If something isn’t working, he’ll tell you because he wants you to improve!

Ian offers ongoing mentoring through the platform and meets regularly with his mentees so that he can see their progress. He’s had the pleasure of long-term mentoring Gary and seeing his sales increase by 1400% which is amazing!

Sarisha N., Founder of Navigate Life Coaching

Say hi to Sarisha, founder of Navigate Life Coaching 👋

She’s a life coach who volunteers her time to help founders navigate their emotions and business journeys!

With her holistic approach to mentoring, Sarisha helps her mentees build confidence and find clarity! Sarisha’s mentees love Sarisha’s compassionate approach to mentoring sessions and she works closely with mentees to ensure they’re supported every step of their journey ✨

Nick H., Regional Enterprise Manager @ NatWest

Up next, we’d love you to meet Nick from the NatWest team 🥰 Nick juggles mentoring alongside his full-time role at NatWest and his mentees absolutely love him!

Nick is best known for his inspiring Masterclasses and his confidence-building mentoring sessions. If you need a nurturing mentoring session, Nick is your man!

With his business banking background, Nick supports our mentees with fundraising and strategy sessions, helping his mentees get on track for success 💪

Allexia G., Founder of Soash Media

Last but not least, meet Allexia, the founder of Soash Media! Allexia is on a mission to demystify social media and make it easier than ever to achieve your goals on social platforms 🎯

Allexia supports our community with social media marketing, and she’s our go-to for all things Instagram and Facebook! She even wrote a guest blog here busting 10 social media myths which we loved 🩵

She’s beloved by her mentees for her relatable and easy-to-understand mentoring sessions and we’re very lucky to have her in our community!

Interested in becoming one of our small business mentors and making a real difference to the lives of founders around the world? 🌍 Find out more about our community and get involved here 👇

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