Which healthy habits will you take up?

Establish a routine

Flexibility is key but put limits on working time. Every day can't be an emergency. Schedule time weekly to review priorities to stay focused on the right things.

Focus on time management

There will never be enough hours in the day as an entrepreneur. Look for simple ways you can work smarter not harder. Different techniques will work for different people.

Make time for you

Set aside some time for fun - whatever that means for you - regularly. You might not feel like you have time, but it'll ultimately make you more productive.

Celebrate successes

It can be easy to focus on what didn't go well. Try ending every day by celebrating one win. At first, you might feel tough but it'll get easier with practice!

Ask for help

Having support from people who get it can be a big boost. Join our community, attend events or talk to mentors!

Recognise signs of stress

Sometimes stress is unavoidable. When you feel it coming up, step back if you can. Find stress relievers that work for you to reset your mindset.

Get help from a mentor

Alice L.
- Digital Boost
Tom P.
- BT
Allexia G.
Social Media Consultant - - Freelance