What are the benefits of volunteering?


As a community of volunteer mentors, we’re delighted to be celebrating Volunteers’ Week here in the UK 🎉

We’re incredibly passionate about volunteering, but don’t just take our word for how awesome it is! Read on to find out about the positive benefits of volunteering 💪

Creating Purpose

We all get busy, and sometimes we can get so lost in the weeds of our 9-5s that we lose focus on what’s important to us. Volunteering allows you to get out of your comfort zone and reconnect with what lights you up.

Whether your purpose comes from sharing your skills, your time, or just connecting with new people, there are amazing volunteering opportunities out there that will allow you to reconnect with your purpose and give back to society 🥰

Build Your Skills

Volunteering offers a unique opportunity to not only give back but to also develop personally too! Whether you choose to volunteer at a food bank, animal shelter, or share your skills as a mentor, all of these opportunities will hone skills you already have and teach you new ones too 💪

Learn & Grow

Volunteering is often seen as the act of giving, but what most people don’t know is that actually, there’s so much that you as a volunteer can gain from volunteering!

The volunteer mentors in our community constantly report that they learn just as much as their mentees during their mentoring sessions. Often you’ll be sharing your expertise, but you’ll be learning about an industry that’s maybe new to you or learning more about the world through the eyes of a small business 🎉

Build Meaningful Relationships

Volunteering connects you with people from all walks of life, who you may never have met if you hadn’t started volunteering 😊 It also allows you to build deep relationships with people who are connected through a shared purpose. Meaningful connections like these have been shown to improve the quality of our lives and make us happier overall!

Lots of our volunteer mentors end up offering ongoing mentoring to the mentees that they meet because of the deep and lasting connections they build in their sessions together 😊

If you feel inspired to get involved with Volunteers’ Week, why not become one of our volunteer mentors today?

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