How mentoring helped Nicola build her digital skills & stay accountable

A woman on a mission to reduce plastic waste and make periods fun for women around the world 💚

Having had a hugely successful career in the wine industry that saw Nicola working around the world, when she returned with her family to the UK, she knew she was ready for a new challenge but wasn’t sure what that business would look like.

After taking part in a number of local beach cleanups during the Covid-19 lockdowns, Nicola Buswell saw first-hand the huge amounts of plastic waste menstrual products cause. After learning about the 200,000 tonnes of plastic period waste that ends up in landfill each year, Nicola knew she’d found her cause, and set about researching everything she could about sustainable menstrual options. 

Coming from a career in the wine industry, Nicola had a good amount of business knowledge but was looking for some extra support to build her business from the ground up and get some accountability whilst doing it. 

Joining Digital Boost

Having joined the Digital Boost family through our partnership with Meta, Nicola credits Diigtal Boost and the programme with bringing her business into the digital market.  She said Digital Boost “pushed me nicely out of my comfort zone into where I needed to be”. 

Having only started Power of Pants in 2020, Nicola says through the help of Digital Boost mentors she feels less overwhelmed and has a clear vision of what her business is and who her target audience is! Having the accountability of our mentors and an exclusive Mentoring Day with Visa’s European team has helped Nicola to reconnect with her “why” and she’s ready to keep pushing her business forward and bringing her fabulous sustainable period pants to the world! 💚

You can find Power of Pants here or over on Instagram

Hear from Nicola

Here’s Nicola talking about how the programme and Digital Boost mentoring gave her the accountability and digital skills she needed to take her business to the next level:

P.S. For every 10 pairs sold, Nicola donates one to charity to help fight period poverty. Read more here.

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