How mentoring helped Blanche to find direction


After spending nearly a decade steadily building her voiceover business, in 2022 Blanche was ready to take the leap and go full-time in her business. With the support of the London Business Hub and the mentoring she received from Digital Boost, Blanche has been able to go all-in on her business this year, setting big new goals and forming a plan of action to make her dreams a reality!

An unlikely career path

Having studied acting at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, Blanche was ready to make her way in the world of acting. While auditioning and working with agents, a chance comment from a fellow actor sent her down a new path of voice acting. It was something she’d never considered before but she gave it a go and fell in love with it!

Juggling a side hustle

With voice acting as her side hustle, Blanche knew she needed to work other jobs whilst she built up her client base and business. When she first started out she was temping in Harrods, but quickly fell into a job as a full-time executive headhunter. Blanche says that she was extremely lucky to find this job as she enjoyed the work and they were very understanding about her side hustle. They allowed her to choose her own hours and juggle it around her acting! Blanche loved the variety that her day job and side hustle both brought, but eventually, her business grew so much that she suddenly realised that she was getting so busy she could no longer juggle both! So in 2022, she took the leap and went full-time into her business.

Looking for support

When she first went full-time in her business, Blanche realised that she had the creative stuff nailed down, but as a first-time business owner, she needed support with her strategy to really drive her business forward.

A friend introduced Blanche to London Business Hub’s Wayfinder programme – a free local service that supports microbusinesses to find the right support to grow their business. Through this service, Blanche was matched with a business advisor and was able to access 12 hours of 1:1 support which really helped her to start thinking strategically about her business. As part of that service, Blanche was directed to Digital Boost as she needed more specialist support with her website and overall business strategy.

First impressions of Digital Boost

At first, Blanche admits she was sceptical about signing up for Digital Boost’s free business mentoring. She was wary of other programmes where “free” really meant free until you bought more services from the company! However, she took a chance and booked her first session and had an amazing experience with her mentor, Alvaro. Her confidence grew and she booked more 1:1s and even joined live Masterclasses to learn as much as she could from Digital Boost. She now calls herself Digital Boost’s biggest fan and recommends us to everyone she comes across!

The one thing Blanche couldn’t believe was how much value Digital Boost’s mentors deliver in just 60 minutes! She says that she was blown away by how invested each and every one of her mentors were in her business and how much they truly cared about seeing her succeed 🧡

Moving from plateaued to action

When Blanche started her business all those years ago, her BIG goal was to become a full-time voiceover artist. But having achieved that in 2022, she started to feel a little plateaued and unsure how to move forward. But luckily, Blanche’s mentors knew exactly how to support her, guiding her to find clarity in her ideas, helping her to develop her website and messaging and ultimately helping her to set new big goals to achieve!

A dream website

When Blanche booked her first mentoring session with Digital Boost, she was initially looking for help with her branding and logo. Whilst her amazing mentor Alvaro (volunteering through the help of our partners at Apple) was able to support her with her logo questions, he also identified that Blanche’s website needed a bit of TLC.

Having identified a disconnect between Blanche’s messaging and her website, Alvaro was able to help Blanche figure out what message she actually wanted to share with her customers! He supported her as she began to make tweaks and changes to her website and now, after lots of hard work from Blanche, she has a website that she’s ‘proud’ of!

Moving forward

Having nailed her website, Blanche has set her sights on SEO and email marketing, meeting with our mentors to really dig deeper on these goals and connect with her audience. She’s been able to send her very first newsletter, focusing on segmenting her audience for better personalisation and is already gearing up to send her next email as we speak!

And on top of this, she’s also been able to create a strategy plan for her business! She’s worked with our mentors to really sift through all her creative ideas and knuckle down on what ideas are going to actually move her business forward. Analysis paralysis is something a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with as it can be difficult to figure out which idea to do first. But with the support of our mentors, Blanche has now created new goals and has a clear plan of action to help her achieve them 💪

Celebrating milestones

At the beginning of 2023, Blanche was named winner of the Best Radio Promotion Performance at the One Voice Awards! This was a huge milestone moment for Blanche as she was already speaking as a guest on one of the panels, so to be recognised as one of their winners was the cherry on top. Being recognised as one of the leaders in her industry is just the start for Blanche, and with her next big goal on the horizon, we’re excited to keep supporting her on her journey and celebrating her every step of the way.

Through the Digital Boost mentoring programme, Blanche has been able to grow her business and celebrate her biggest win: winning the Best Radio Promotion Performance at the One Voice Awards!

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If you’ve been inspired by Blanche’s story just know that this success is possible for you and your business too 💫

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