The woman disrupting the walking aid world 🧑‍🦯


After suffering a life-altering injury aged just 19, Amelia realised how uncomfortable and basic the walking aids available to her were.  As she began her recovery journey, she started to dream up her own walking aids that would be comfortable, functional AND stylish.  

CoolCrutches was born and with the help of her mother, Amelia has been able to grow CoolCrutches from a personal project into a thriving business that’s supporting people around the world to express themselves and look cool with their crutches 💖

Having run Cool Crutches as a successful side hustle alongside her full-time PR job, Amelia took the leap and gave herself 6 months to make Cool Crutches her full-time job.  She threw everything she had at it, and after seeing Amanda Holden suffer a broken leg in 2019, reached out to see if she could help with customised crutches to make her Heart FM show a little bit easier to navigate.  Amanda’s team were delighted with the idea and after Amanda was pictured with Amelia’s custom-made crutches, Cool Crutches truly skyrocketed.

Although Amelia had huge amounts of experience in the corporate world, stepping into a full-time founder role had it’s challenges and she knew she needed a helping hand to guide her on this new journey.  

Amelia joined the Digital Boost family after completing a #SheMeansBusiness programme and for her, having the programme was amazing for networking, but the mentoring was where she found the true value. 

We were able to connect Amelia with Nick, one of our amazing NatWest mentors, and he was able to lay out her business ideas with her and formulate a plan that worked for Amelia and her family. When you’re a founder, there’s so much pressure to make your business work at any cost, but Nick was able to remove that pressure for Amelia and help her to see how she could grow her business more holistically in a way that wouldn’t come at a cost to her and her health! 

Amelia now describes Digital Boost as her own personal shopping list of everything she needs to succeed! She said, “[Digital Boost] have a shopping list of what scaling involves, essentially, before you even know you need it!” 

With our help, Amelia has been able to get the clarity she needs to keep growing and plan HUGE expansion for Cool Crutches! We’re so excited to have been able to support Amelia on her journey and look forward to continuing to do so with our expert mentoring 💖

Here’s Amelia talking about the value speaking to a mentor adds to her business:

Can business mentoring help your business? Our services are entirely free and we have thousands of mentors ready to help!

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