Road to success: helping small businesses grow big in a brave new online world

During the pandemic, owners of smaller enterprises have shown they’ll do whatever it takes to survive – and help their communities. In the new economy, they need the right digital tools to thrive

The UK’s six million small businesses make up the backbone of its economy. Combined, they’re the nation’s largest employer, giving work to more than two in five people. But the pandemic has shown they’re something else too: the lifeblood of our communities.

Just look at the spirit small business leaders showed in changing their offering when the pandemic struck. For example, in April 2020, Salford’s Didsbury Gin had just grown its turnover from £40k to £1.5 million in a year. When lockdown kicked in, the company found its significant revenue streams were suddenly switched off, so it quickly diversified its production capacity to produce vital hand sanitiser for the NHS, police and fire services.

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