Participation Agreement for EY Coaches


Participation Agreement  

In this Participation Agreement “EY” refers to the global organization, and may refer to one or more, of the member firms of Ernst &Young Global Limited, each of which is a separate legal entity (“EYMember Firms”).   

I understand and agree to the following with respect to any personnel from any EY member Firm participating as a  Mentor (“EY Mentor”) in respect of the non-profit mentoring program on Digital Boost, beginning on[September 1st 2022] (the “Program​”):    

1.     Participation by the EY Mentors or me in the Program does not(i) create or constitute an advisor-client relationship between any EY Mentor or any EY Member Firm and me, (ii) is not, and is not intended as a precursor to a commercial or advisory relationship, (iii) does not and is not intended to convey or constitute professional advice, and (iv) is not a substitute for obtaining professional advice from a professional advisor.  

2.     Information provided by EY Mentors is intended to be for general informational purposes only and is on a one-off basis.  EY Mentor participation is for the pre-agreed time only and relates to the issues pre-agreed to be discussed.       

3.     Given that no professional advice is being provided, I understand that questions posed to and answers provided by EY Coaches are not subject to professional advisor-client privilege.   

4.     I shall not consult EY Mentors with respect to any specific professional or commercial queries during the Program. I shall not informally attempt to contact any EY Coaches upon the completion of the Program regarding my participation in theProgram. I acknowledge that any subsequent contact with any EY Mentors to obtain professional advice must be under a formal engagement with EY.   

5.     The EY Mentor shall not respond to any queries posed outsideof mentoring sessions and shall not respond to any queries during mentoringsessions (i) if they have actual knowledge that such advice involvesa conflict of interest for that EY Mentor or for any EY MemberFirm, or (ii) for any other reason set forth under any applicablerules of professional conduct, regulatory guidelines or EY policies.   

6.     I understand and accept that if any queries appear complex or go beyond the competence of the EY Mentors, this may require consultation with my own professional advisors.  I shall not however, directly or indirectly name or otherwise refer to EY or the EY Mentor when discussing such matters with my own professional advisors.  

7.     I acknowledge and understand that the EY Mentors and EY may represent others as a professional advisor, now or in the future, and that such representation may conflict with my interests.   

8.     I shall not rely on the views expressed or statements made by the EY Mentor and shall consult with my own professional, legal, regulatory, tax, business, investment, financial and accounting advisors as I deem necessary. I shall not however, directly or indirectly name or otherwise refer to EY or the EY Mentor when discussing such matters with my own professional advisors.   

9.     I acknowledge receipt of the EY Privacy Statement located at, which describes how my personal data provided through my registration and participation in the Program will be processed and which describes my rights with respect to my personal data. I also acknowledge that additional privacy terms associated with any digital tools I use to register and participate in the Program may apply as well. 

10.  In addition, I do not serve as a director, officer, broker/dealer, promoter, underwriter, general partner, voting trust in any capacity equivalent to a member of management oran employee of any audit client of EY, nor am I a direct or indirect substantial (5% or greater) equity owner of any audit client of EY. If my status should change, I will immediately inform you and I understand I will be in breach of this arrangement, and my participation in the Program will terminate immediately without notice.    

I acknowledge and agree to the contents of this Participation Agreement.  

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