How to write the perfect mentoring request


You know what you need help with, you’ve selected your preferred mentors and now it’s time to write your request 🎉

Read on to find out how you can write the perfect mentoring request and increase your chances of being matched with a mentor 🚀

Imagine you’re chatting in-person

We’re a family at Digital Boost, so when you send a request in, remember there’s always a person at the end reading it!

When you write a request, you might like to imagine you’re already sitting down and chatting with a group of our mentors who are there to help you 😊 It’ll help you to write a more chatty and personable request that will get our mentors’ attention!

Just make sure to not address your request to a specific mentor! Check out our golden rules for more information on this at the end of this blog 😊

Make it personal

Similarly to our first point, when you start writing your request remember to include a little bit about you and your business – this helps your mentor to get to know you and start building a picture of your business ✅

Context is king

As you’re likely meeting your mentor for the very first time, they’re not going to know anything about your business journey yet! So it’s really helpful if you can give some context about what you need help with and what you’ve done up until this point to tackle the topic or issue. Your mentor will then understand your situation and tailor their advice to you and your business.

Leverage your links

The more information you can give your mentor, the better! Whether you need help with your social media, website, or fundraising, ensure you link your website, social media channels, and any other relevant materials that will help your mentor to establish how best to support you 🤗

Golden Rules

  • Never share personal information in your requests – we’ve set everything up so that you can request and join sessions right from within our platform, so you’ll never need to share personal contact information with anyone in our community ❤️
  • Avoid addressing mentors by name – if your preferred mentor isn’t available, we’ll ask our wider community to help! Using names can cause confusion, so keep your request nameless 😊
Looking for inspiration? Check out our example here to help you get started 👇
Ready to write your own perfect request?
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