How to start volunteering


As we continue our Volunteers’ Week celebrations, we wanted to show you just how easy it can be to start adding volunteering into your life!

1. Find a cause that’s aligned with your passions

Maybe you’re passionate about animals? Perhaps you’re interested in the environment? Or maybe you’re interested in careers and seeing young people thrive.

Whatever your passion, there’s a cause and a volunteering opportunity out there for you!

2. Research local and online opportunities

Once you’ve identified your passion, it’s time to find the right volunteering opportunity for you!

Looking for local organisations and groups related to your passion is a great starting point, but in this technological age, don’t rule out our online opportunities! Lots of communities are now offering remote and online volunteering opportunities to enable skill sharing and support to those further afield.

Try searching keywords like ‘online volunteering’ or ‘remote volunteering opportunities’ to see what comes up!

3. Decide how much time you want to give

Whether you can volunteer for one hour a week, a day or two a month, or even a couple of times a year, there’s an opportunity out there to suit everyone’s schedule!

When researching opportunities, it’s important to understand how much time you need to commit to your chosen cause. Some opportunities will ask for a minimum commitment, but many others won’t! Here at Digital Boost, we don’t ask for a minimum commitment on our volunteering as we want it to be as flexible to you and your schedule as possible 🤗

4. Make it a habit

Once you’ve started volunteering, take it one step further by making it a habit! Volunteering and giving back to communities has been proven to increase your happiness, so let’s keep that happiness high by making volunteering a part of your every day 💪

Once you’ve decided how much time you can give to an opportunity, make sure to schedule volunteering sessions in advance in your diary where you can, so that you carve out the time to give back to your chosen cause 😊

Lots of volunteering programmes will have scheduled events that your’re able to join and others, like Digital Boost, will allow you to book sessions in your diary in advance so you can easily manage your volunteering around your day job 🎉

Interested in volunteering? Why not become one of our volunteer mentors!

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