How to grow your business using LinkedIn


With a network of more than 900 million members worldwide, LinkedIn is the business and employment-focused network that most entrepreneurs aren’t leveraging. Here, Henry, Social Media Manager @ BT, shares his top tips to grow your business using LinkedIn 🚀

What does a good profile look like? 👋

  • Add a professional profile picture & header
  • Make your headline stand out
  • Write a summary
  • Add relevant skills
  • Request recommendations

What does a good post look like? 🤔

  • Be personal
  • Be relevant
  • Don’t be too self-promotional
  • Mix up the topics you post about
  • Educate people
  • Show results from your work and/or business

The most important thing when posting on social media, and especially LinkedIn, is to be yourself. Let your personality show through your posts so people can connect with you on a personal level 🤗

Content Ideas to help you grow your business on LinkedIn 📝

  • Talk about events/fundraisers you’ve attended or will be attending 
  • Product and service releases and announcements
  • Articles/blogs from relevant and reputable customers (you could turn these into customer reviews and/or case studies too!)
  • Career stories, journeys, learnings, and training
  • You can share personal news on LinkedIn too, it’s not just for work!

Once you’ve started posting different types of content, have a look at the impressions and engagement on each of them. See what your audience is enjoying and build on that 🤩

Tips for growing your network on LinkedIn 🤝

  • Personalise your connection requests
  • Follow up on in-person networking opportunities
  • Explore LinkedIn Groups
  • Ask your employees to update their profiles
  • Link to your LinkedIn Page from your website – promote it!

Want to know more about how to apply each of these tips to your LinkedIn strategy? Watch Henry’s webinar where he goes into more detail and shares some examples 👇 

Don’t struggle alone!

If you’d like personalised advice about you should use LinkedIn to grow your specific business, book a free 1:1 mentoring session with one of our volunteer mentors! Our mentors are on hand to support you totally free of charge 💜

Also, check out these resources designed to help you create your social media strategy!

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