Have your best mentoring session yet

You’re all excited, another mentoring request has just landed on your Dashboard and you’re thinking, okay let’s take this to the next level – how can I make this my best mentoring session yet? 💭

We hear you! Whether you’re new to our mentoring community or you’re a longstanding mentor looking to level up your sessions, this guide will help you to become one of our top mentors in no time. 

Have your best mentoring session ever by following these 5 tips


‘Fail to prepare: prepare to fail

Okay it’s not that serious! BUT the best mentoring sessions are the ones where our mentors have taken some time to prepare beforehand.

And it doesn’t have to take long!

Key things to prepare could include:
  • Checking out your mentee’s website
  • Checking their request and making a note of the key things they’re looking to discuss during the call – head to your Dashboard and click ‘manage call’ on your meeting to see your mentee’s request
  • Checking the health of their business so that you can tailor your advice to where your mentee is at – you can find the health of the business by heading to ‘manage call’ and then clicking on your mentee’s profile photo 😊
  • Taking a look at our popular resources – we have lots of written resources on popular learning topics that you can use to guide your sessions or share with your mentee to further their learning 🤓 📚
Using open-ended question can help you to have your best mentoring session yet.

Settle in nice and early

We’ve all fallen foul to the dreaded Zoom install minutes before you’re call is about to start – so don’t let this be you! 

Make sure you’ve logged into your Dashboard a couple of minutes before the session and you’ve joined your call ready to start promptly at the time of the session. It creates a great first impression and ensures you’re not all flustered when you start the call.

Put your mentee at ease

Our mentees are often feeling overwhelmed and alone when they first join Digital Boost and joining a mentoring session can be a big step in their journey. 

So putting them at ease early on in the call can be the difference between a good session and a great one.

Ways to put your mentee at ease: 
  • Take control of the call by introducing yourself and asking them to do the same 
  • Start with something light – it’s a cliche but asking about the weather or what coffee they’re drinking can be a fun and easy way to get your mentee chatting! 
  • When you’re ready to start talking business, try to summarise what they’ve asked for help with and give a rough agenda for how you’re going to be helping them on the call – this helps to keep you on track AND will reassure your mentee. 

Ask the right questions

These questions will help you to dig deeper with your mentee:
  • What do you think is working well with your [business, content, website etc.]? 
  • What are you finding challenging about [your business, content, website etc.]? 
  • Where is the majority of your time spent in your business?
  • If you could make one major shift in your [business, content, website etc.], what would that shift look like? 

Using open-ended questions like these will help you to assess where your mentee is at and identify areas that they may need to work on.  Once you’ve identified these areas, you’ll be able to use your expertise to help them navigate through them 😊


Mentoring is as much about listening as it is about advising.  Don’t be afraid to let your mentee sit quietly to mull over a question!

It’s often in these moments of quiet that mentees can experience breakthroughs, and by giving them the space to feel listened to and heard, you’re playing an integral role in their growth as a business owner. 

And there you have it! These are the 5 steps you can take to have your best mentoring session yet.  If you try out any of these tips, let us know how you get on! 
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