Get to know our new Messaging Centre


Introducing our latest platform update – say hello to our new Messaging Centre!

Communication is Key

Communication is at the heart of everything that we do here at Digital Boost, so after receiving awesome feedback from our community, we knew we needed to develop a kick-ass new messaging feature that would make it easier than ever for our community to connect and collaborate after their mentoring sessions.

Building our dream feature

The team spent months working on this feature, making sure that every little detail was totally perfect. We’re all perfectionists and we won’t ever release anything for our members until we’re completely happy with the experience we’re creating for our community 💪

We’re delighted to now have a Messaging Centre that allows our members to see all their messages in one place and makes it easier than ever to book follow-up sessions!

Features that go above and beyond

➕ Allows you to contact any mentor or mentee that you’ve previously met with

💬 Control who has access to contacting you

🤝 Easily book follow-up sessions and take action

💌 Stores all your messages in one place, so they’re easy to manage

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