Helping Sue Lambert Trust improve their analytics


Georgia is an administrative assistant at the Sue Lambert Trust where she has created an online presence for the charity for the first time through self-taught digital marketing and social media activity. She was helped by Digital Boost to understand analytics and is planning to return and build her design skills.

Georgia is an Administrative Assistant at the Sue Lambert Trust, which has supported survivors of domestic abuse in Norfolk for over thirty years.

They offer long-term counselling services, but with high demand due to Covid-19 waiting times are long. With no safe place to go for community support and to seek information, survivors are having to dig deep to find resilience, strength, and healing.

The charity had no online presence at the start of the Pandemic. With resources tight, Georgia took it upon herself to acquire the knowledge to build a social media and digital marketing presence, in addition to her current role. She also took a course in counselling, aware of how triggering certain words can be.  

Georgia discovered Digital Boost via a Google Digital Garage learning session, and it was a Google employee who mentored her when she set up her session.

She focused on analytics and how to build a plan for reporting, different types of reporting and what information is important to people. She plans future sessions so she can branch into design and connect the charity’s website with email and social media.

Georgia said: “I don’t have any digital experience but am loving creating the digital content. There are so many skills to absorb – design, storytelling, copywriting, analytics – so I will be back to Digital Boost for more. I want to create posts about the impacts of trauma on people, share the voices of survivors and give them a safe place online until we can open up and do that in person.”

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