Digital Boost partners with Visa to support small businesses and to boost the UK’s economic recovery.


Digital Boost, a leading digital upskilling platform, has partnered with Visa to support small businesses seeking to digitize and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Through Digital Boost’s platform, Visa’s employees can volunteer time, support and advice to small businesses in need of digital and business mentorship. Digital Boost is a free-of-charge online platform that brings together those who work in small businesses and charities with a community of expert volunteers drawn from larger businesses who have had years of training in digital skills and broader commercial strategy.

There are nearly six million small businesses in the UK (1). According to research, the combined productivity gap caused by low digitisation means a loss of £100 billion+ to GDP in Great Britain (2). Helping small businesses become more digital can help them not only meet changing consumer demand but also thrive, armed with the knowledge and tools they need to compete and grow in a global digital economy.

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