Create a business plan that *actually* works!


Creating a business plan can feel overwhelming, but we’ve got an amazing tool that’s going to help you create a plan that actually works for you and your business 💪

I don’t know about you, but whenever I need to sit down and plan something, the blank page just stares back at me and I get NOTHING done 😅

Sound familiar? If you’re trying to create a business plan – I feel your pain! It can be so daunting knowing where to start, which is why I’m really excited to share this handy tool from our friends at NatWest with you 🎉

The clever team at NatWest has created a Business Model Canvas free template that allows you to get a birdseye view of EVERYTHING in your business so you can become a strategy pro and plan your next steps 💪

So how does the Model Canvas work?

The Business Model Canvas is an easy-to-use template that’s divided into 9 sections that help you to reflect on the overall running of your business.

When you use the template you’ll review:

  • Your key activities e.g where are you spending your time in your business
  • Your channels i.e social media, email etc.
  • Your value proposition
  • Your revenue streams and more!

Watch this handy walkthrough video from Asy, one of our volunteer mentors from NatWest, to help you fill out your template!


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Wanting a little extra help with your business plan?

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Or why not take it one step further and book a call with one of our amazing business strategy mentors?

They’ll be able to meet with you 1:1 and provide support that’s personalised to you and your business so that you can nail your business plan 🚀

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